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LaManda Creative Solutions. Your e-Business Solutions. 
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About LaManda Creative Solutions

LaManda Creative Solutions will help you uncover hidden business opportunity, define your e-Business strategy, highlight the way forward for your business within this new environment, and guide you through the transformation creating more efficient web based processes.

Everyday we interact with business principals and senior management to provide ideas and solutions for their strategic business challenges. If you have an e-Business idea and are not sure how to go forward, we can help validate your plan and provide you with a road map for success.
Our services cover the following:

Web Development
Our web development service will fulfill the following of your needs.
  • If you want to take the first step in creating an online presence, talk to us and we can help you get started.
  • If you have an existing site and that you believe it is not fulfilling itís full potential, we can reengineer your assets to ensure you meet the changing demands of your customers.
  • If your goal is to simply sell goods and services online, we can build a platform to make it happen.
  • Would you like to integrate you website with back office databases and systems? We offer a single vendor solution that considers the needs of all your organizations technology stakeholders.
  • Does your site content reflect your customers needs? Can you easily update your own content? We can build a web content management product that will be an easy- to-use solution that can be tailored to your needs.
  • Have you recently re-branded or changed your companyís policies, focus or products and services offerings? Talk to us about an audit of your existing site
IT Professional Solutions
LaManda Creative Solutions is here to care for and support our clients to succeed in their business. We are here to help clients get up to speed, revolutionize their enterprises, react quickly to challenges and opportunities with go-to-market strategies that keep them ahead of competitors. We exist to help clients plan their futures and are committed to provide the finest IT-based business solutions, as they merge with the digital economy.

Our IT Professional Services includes:
  • IT Outsourcing. Companies are starting to realize the main aspect of IT Outsourcing as they need to focus on their core businesses.
  • System Integration. Systems integration is so powerful it links different systems into accessible, powerful business applications.
  • Application Design. Our application design is driven by an appreciation of user needs and user experience.
We understand that technology in itself is not valuable, but only becomes so when people engage with it.

Multimedia Development
Make your ideas, products or services more appealing to your prospective client with a professional multimedia presentation. Instead of repeting the same presentation, you can have astonishing multimedia presentations using its full features: music, audio/video, text, and animation.
Multimedia technology allow us to develop the following products for you.
  • Sales Presentations
  • Interactive Brochures/Catalog
  • Business Cards and Mini CD-ROM
  • Interactive Product Manual
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Interactive Knowledge Based Media
Graphic Design
Whether you require business card, brochure, logo design or a complete corporate identity, LaManda Creative Solutions has the expertise to create entire company branding.
Our graphic design service covers the following:
  • Banner design and placement
  • Brochure Design

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